Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thanks I think

Starting tomorrow I am going to facillitate a women's bible study at our church. I mentioned to Todd that I hope I do ok. Here is his response.

"If God can use a donkey, I guess he might be able to use you."

Uh, thanks Todd.

My Coolness Factor

So this sunday at church, my friend Bill ( came up to me and told me that blogs were supposed to make you look cool and make you look good. Apparently, I come across pretty dorky on my blog. I think I am kind of cool but I guess not according to Bill. He would know what cool is. Bill shaves his head bald and wears a gotee. He plays electic guitar or bass or something and sings and does web stuff. He is someone you want to know. He is one cool dude, maybe not as cool as Jack Bauer (sorry Bill) but pretty close. So Bill, here are some things about me that make me "cool".

  • I have met a few famous people. Troy Aikman, John Madden, Emmitt Smith, Oliver North, Sean Hannity, Harry Connick Jr. (twice), Shania Twain, Cadmens Call . Now do any of these people remember me? No, but have you met any of them????
  • Everytime I go to my normal starbucks, the staff says "Hi Sandi" and gets my coffee ready. (This seems to happen at Chic-fil-a as well)
  • I am a total maniac on the tennis court
  • I know the top 10 music video countdown each week on VH1
  • My dance moves are pretty groovy
  • While I am cruising in my minivan, I wear Raybans and jam out to P Diddy, The Fray and . . . Chicago
  • My 3 year old told me I was a cool dude
  • I am pretty happy. I laugh alot. Cool people laugh alot unless you are one of those moody artsy types

Well, that is all I can come up with for now. If you think of anything else, let me know.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Here's what I am working on.
1. 24 season 2 (disc 1) review. This is for Eric C since he responded to earlier post.

2. 3 things I find hard to admit.

3. Week in review.


The Thirst Quencher

Say you wake up in the middle of the night, it's dark, you're groggy, and you're thirsty. Then you stumble into the kitchen, and you see the silhouette of a container of juice on the counter. You're sleepy, so you don't stop to think about why it's not in the fridge, or why the cap feels funny. In that situation, my advice for you is not to drink it.

It's probably olive oil.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The joys of getting older

*First of all, I am going to tell you this post is about Todd and me. Just a glimpse of what normally takes place between the 2 of us. We are really dorky.*

The other day, Todd looked at me weird and said, "Is that a cobweb in your hair?"

I started freaking out saying "what, oh no, get it out." Because where there are cobwebs, there are spiders. Spiders freak me out really bad. Almost as much as vomit and pork. Anyway, I am shaking my head and dancing around just in case there is a spider crawling on me.

Todd then says, "Oh never mind, forget it."

How can you forget that someone told you there is a cobweb in your hair?

I went to the mirror to check and he is really insisting that I do not go and just leave it alone.

I look in the mirror to find the mysterious cobweb. Do you know what it is???

A patch of grey hair.

Aren't husbands great.

Off to buy some Loreal hair dye.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Laundry Crisis

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had 6 people in your household and your washer broke? So you bought a new one and at this point you are about 12 loads behind and it makes you want to drink, I mean cry, and you hook up the new washer and it didn't work . . .

Here is what happens . . .

Help me.

Would anyone like to read about my take on season 2 of 24? If so, how would you like it broken up? 4 hour increments?

Does anyone even read this?

The Wonders of the Human Brain

I was in the shower this morning and I started humming and I realized I remembered the theme song to "Fresh Prince of Belaire." As I was rapping, I starting thinking about what else is in this brain of mine. Here's what popped into my head: I could probably quote every line in the movie "Goonies", I can tell you all about vitamins, the Beatles and random survival tricks.

Then I thought, this is pretty pathetic. Is there anything useful stored in here?

I remember one thing from high school math - the quadratic equation.

And then I thought my conditioner smelled like fruit loops.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Well Todd got me some new pots and pans for Valentine's Day. Very nice stuff - Wolfgang Puck, stainless steel because he knows I am totally not into Teflon and all that other non-stick stuff. (Just ask me why one day). Anyway, as I was sauteing some onions last night, here is our conversation somewhat.
Todd: "So babe, you like your new dishes."
Sandi: "Yeah, great, thanks." (and I get back to cooking.)
Todd: "They are Wolfgang Puck."
Sandi: "I think you've mentioned that."
Todd:"Stainless steel."
Sandi: "uh huh"
Todd : "so you like them"
Sandi :"Yes, very romantic gift." (I was slightly sarcastic)
Todd then picks up a small frying pan and stares into it and says in all seriousness,
"You can see your reflection. That is very romantic!"
OK blog friends. I will let you try and figure that one out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sad Day

My beloved karaoke machine is not working. The day just doesn't seem complete with out my daily concert as the kiddos call them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

24 Predictions

I have watched season 1 and season 2 of 24 (commentary coming soon) and I am starting to notice some reoccurring themes. Here is what I am predicting will happen in season 3 of 24.

1.Jack will yell at a lot of people - Jack seems to have only two volume levels: scary whisper and drill sergeant.
2. Any CTU agents that we don't know by name will be killed - How many times has a entire team of CTU field agents been wiped out while guarding something or someone?
3. Jack will disobey an order from CTU - You would think by now they'd just let him do what he wants anyway.
4. The president will be manipulated by a member of his inner circle - Who are these people that the president keeps appointing to their cabinet? If I was president, I would let Jack choose my cabinet, or better yet , just let Jack be president. That way he could torture anyone who he thought was going behind his back.
5. There will be a mole inside CTU - This place has got to have the worst hiring department in the world. How is it that Vegas casinos can watch their employees enough that it's impossible to steal a quarter without ending up in a back room being beat half to death but the Counter Terrorist Unit has someone stealing info from it every season.
6. Jack will physically hurt and/or kill someone that works at CTU - This man has shot one boss in the leg with a dart, beat up Tony, drugged another boss, shoot them, beat them up, killed a mole or two, and punched out half the office while trying to escape at one time or another, yet he still gets asked back to work. Now that's proof that it's hard to get fired from a government job.
7. Someone at CTU will lie to protect Jack - I'm not into lying, but he might tempt me.
8. Jack will kill someone in an unconventional way - It's kinda hard to top shooting someone then chopping their head off with a hacksaw.
9. A terrorist organization will threaten the lives of thousands of people in L.A. - wow, shocking.
10. Someone will be kidnapped - It will probably be Kim about 10 different times because she is stupid.
11. No one will sleep or go to the bathroom - It will be the longest day of their life.
12. Jack will kill an insane amount of terrorists - (or people for that matter) It's incredible how many people these terror cells have on their payroll. It's got to be expensive replacing all the people that Jack kills. I'd just wait till he retired or took a vacation before I plotted world domination.
13. Someone will get tortured.
14. Kim Bauer will drive us crazy - enough said

Monday, February 12, 2007

Food Cravings

I am really weird sometimes. I will totally crave 1 food and that is all I will want to eat for weeks even months. I usually will eat this certain food at every meal and then move on to something else. Here are some past food cravings.
1. 1998 - Don Pablos Chicken Flautas - yummm. I wanted these so bad when I was living in Georgia so Todd drove me to Florida where the nearest Don Pablos was. (He didn't know what he was getting into.)
2. 1999 - Tamles - Don't ask me why. I totally hate them now, but back then, loved them and ate them nearly everyday.
3. 2000 - Junior Mints
4. 2001 - Bagels with Peanut Butter
5. 2002 - Shaved Ice
6. 2003 - Cherry Limeaides
7. 2004 - Grape Nuts
8. 2005 - Lemon Yogurt
9. 2006 - Guacamole
10.2007 - My latest craving that I eat at least 5 times a week. Chicken Ceasar Salad.

I am however starting to lean toward muffins of any kind and I only like the top.

Does anyone else do this?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Wonderful Night at Walmart

It's official. I am totally done with Walmart. Let me tell you what happened last night. After I finish getting all my groceries, which is so fun to do on a Friday night, I mean, I felt really cool - Anyway, I unloaded all my stuff on the belt. I crammed and stacked stuff so I got it all out at once. You know what I'm talking about. The lady started to scan my stuff but discovered something was broken with her machine. She called for the manager and told me to hold on for just 1 minute and they will get it fixed. 1 minute turned into 15. She then walked off to see where he was and I quickly loaded all my stuff back into my cart before she came back. I managed to do this and ran off to another checkout row. Got in line, unloaded my stuff again. Next comes incident #2. The person in front of me started haggling the checkout lady because the price was ringing up different than advertised. They started arguing . I starting crying. Not really but I probably could have. You see, they weren't holding the line up for 10 minutes over a lot of $, but over 20 cents on a loaf of bread. That's right. Do you feel like crying with me. The thought of waiting here another minute got to me. So I butted in and said, "Can I just pay for the difference, please. I can spare the 20 cents." It was a no go. The person told me it was the principle of the matter. I wanted to smash their bread and blame it on the principle of the matter, but I had Savannah with me. She would have told Todd and busted me. So, I loaded my stuff up again. The joy this brought me is indescribable.

I went to another checkout line. Proceeded to unload my stuff for a third time and checkout.
Spent 15 minutes getting groceries, 26 minutes checking out.

No more walmart for me, at least until I run out of food.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thanks to Trey K. for the new title of my blog.

24 Season 1 Finale

Ok, so I finished season 1. What can I say but WOW! No one is safe in 24 except Jack. You could be killed off at anytime. Anyway, I left off last around 4PM. Here is what has happened since then.

Kim: First of all, this chick is so annoying. You would think growing up with freakin Jack Bauer as your dad you would have a few survival instincts, but no, she has none. Look what happens to her, she gets in a car wreck, goes to the house of the loser who kidnapped her (Rick). I mean seriously, does she not have any friends or something. While there, she is involved in a shootout and a drug bust gone wrong. Wow, that's a shocker. She is arrested, gets in fights at the jail, carjacked, kidnapped again, held hostage again, and finally escapes because she throws coffee on the dudes face. Anyway, I am done writing about her.

Terri - She gets amnesia from the car wreck and forgets Jack, literally. How could you forget about Jack. I tried. It is impossible. He is too cool. So anyway, Terri the weakling has amnesia and doesn't know anything. Somehow she gets back to her house and is about to be killed by the assassins and Tony saves her. I haven't written about him yet because his personality is like a dead log, and he was romantic with Nina, but whatever, he saves her. Good for him. Terri is headed back to CTU.

Senator Palmer - Let me catch you up on him. He won the primary on super tuesday. I am sure he will be the next Pres. He bonded with his really short son Keith. His wife Sherry goes behind his back and tries to set him up with Patty the intern. I was grossed out and totally embarrassed when she started massaging his shoulders and her flirting skills were terrible. Anyway, Palmer tells Sherry get out of my life. You are not fit to be the first lady - ooh vicious Palmer. I am predicting that this will come back to get him. Oh yeah, did I mention that Jack saves his life again. I think that makes 3 or 4 times in 1 day. Very impressive Jack.

George Mason - I am starting to like him. Remember this guy? It's Jack's boss and Jack shot him in the leg with a tranquilizer in the first episode. I didn't like Mason at first because he was kind of shifty and it looked like he had a glass eye, but he is growing on me.

Agent Jack Bauer - The hero with great hair. So Jack discovers who the terrorists are and what they are up to and tracks them down to a deserted wildlife refuge. Mason wants to leave (I think he was scared) but Jack stays. Good instincts Jack because what is there in the wildlife refuge??? . . . .A Top secret Government Detention Center. cool. Jack approaches it and get Tasered and he collapses. Who then appears, the La Bamba dude, Lou Diamond Phillips. It was kind of distracting because I kept wanting to hum La Bamba. anyway, he is the agent in charge and they are expecting a prisoner, none other than Victor Drazen. This is the man who started this all. Jack supposedly killed him a few years back but he is alive. In a nutshell, Victor Drazen's sons break him out of prison, capture Jack and give him his orders. Kill Palmer etc. We've heard it all before. Come on you terrorists , give us some new material. Anyway, Jack fools them, like only he can do in Bauer style. He's a tricky guy.

Now I am going to side track to Nina for a moment. So far, she has seemed all concerned for Jack and his family. I knew it was all an act though. There is no moment in time that I have had any kind feelings toward Nina . . .or should I say . . . Yelena! That's right! She is a dirty agent. Told you blogger readers. She was talking in German conspiring about Jack with the terrorists and Terri discovers her and gets tied up, of course. No women 24 would actually obey Jack or do anything cool. So Nina ties her up and is trying to escape CTU because her gig is up. All I can say is goodbye toothpick legs.

Meanwhile, Jack learns that Nina is the mole and is headed back to CTU to get here. He has a shootout with her and gets her at gunpoint with his gun on her temple. I am thinking to myself, "shoot her Jack, shoot her." This is how much I dislike her. She makes me think bad thoughts and I am such a peace loving kind of gal. For reasons unknown, Jack doesn't shoot her and she gets arrested. By for now Yelena. I am sure the producers at 24 will bring you back to annoy us all some more.

Jack goes into CTU to find his family. He sees Kim, hugs and kisses etc. Looks for Terri and what does he discover, Terri is DEAD!! What???!!!! Nina shot and killed her. Jack collapses in grief and season 1 is over.

I wasn't really that sad she was dead, but I was sad for Jack. I had to go watch the alternate ending where she lives just so I could feel better.

Now I can't wait for season 2!
Here is what I am predicting.
Kim will annoy me senseless. Jack will try to avenge Terri's death. There will be more weak, wimpy women, and of course a high body count of dead evil dudes that are trying to destroy earth in 24 hours.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend Recap

Just in case anyone was wondering what I did this weekend, here goes.
Friday Night: Date night, went out with some dear friends to my favorite place - Hibachi Grill
Saturday - spring cleaning, all day long, for some reason, I kept singing the following lyrics from Cypress Hill, "Insane in the Membrane, Insane in de brain." I think it was due to breathing in too much clorox cleaner. Todd was not amused after the 20th time he heard it. That's the only part of the song I know. It's catchy. lunch at chic-fil-a.
Saturday night - put the kids to bed early, watched 24 (FYI- latest commentary on season 1 coming in the next few days as soon and I can wrap my mind around what happened.)
Sunday morning - mad rush to get four kids, a husband, and a dog fed and ready to go to church(sparky stayed home).
Sunday afternoon - nap time, read a good book, (Camel Club)
Sunday Evening - Super Bowl party at a good friends house. Ate good food, laughed and watched a little of the game. Left Bella there. Fortunately, remembered her as we were starting the car.


Here are a few frequently asked questions I get all the time. In fact, you have probably asked at least one or all of them at some point in knowing me.

Q: "Are all these kids yours?" I get this every time I go out in public with the walker clan. (This question usually follows , are you the nanny?)There are a few ways I usually respond to this question. If I am feeling nice, I say yes and smile. Next comes the typical response, "you've got your hands full." ( side note - I have probably heard that no less than 500 times in the last 3 years.) Now if I am feeling a little on the naughty side, I say , "Yes, but I left the twins and the baby at home." This is when I get looks like I have purple hair or spinach in my teeth.

Q:"How did you and Todd meet?" Maybe after you have met both of us you wonder that question since we are so much alike. Todd and I have 2 completely different versions (are you surprised?) so I will give you mine. We were set up by a mutual friend to go on a date, not a blind one since I knew who he was. After the date, I thought what a nice friend. Well, friendship progressed obviously 4 kids later, 9 years of marriage. Todd's version is that he was secretly pining away for me and then I was a dream came true. I'm only guessing.

Q: "How do you have the energy to do . . ." For some reason I always find this question intriguing. Are most people really tired all the time or something? Where does their energy go? I attribute my energy to my senior citizen lifestyle. Early to bed (8:30 or 9). Dinner at 5:30, crosswords, reading, walking, eating healthy and oh yeah, did I mention Starbucks?!!!

Q: "Where do your kids get their blond hair?" Obviously not from Todd or myself. My only explanation is that is from genes in older relatives and the fact that I secretly wish I was a blond and God is letting me live my blond ambitions through them.

Q: "Did you play tennis in college?" Unfortunately, no, although I totally could have. Recently, I beat the number 1 seed at Keller high and Fossil Ridge. I continue to whoop up on Todd . . left handed. Did I mention my humbleness regarding tennis.

Q:" Why don't you eat pork?" I am a closet Jew.
Totally kidding. Pork is so gross to me that I am getting grossed out just thinking about it right now. I have even told my kids that hot dogs can cause cancer. Just ask Landon about it sometime.

Until next time blogger friends.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Inside Joke (Post) for Danielle

Albatrosses have been described as "the most legendary of all birds. An albatross is a central emblem in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Taylor Coleridge. It is from this poem that the usage of albatross as a metaphor is derived; someone with a burden or obstacle is said to have 'an albatross around their neck', the punishment given in the poem to the mariner who killed the albatross.
Dani - AKA, the stocking holders

Friday, February 02, 2007

Today I cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned the microwave. I cleaned the toaster. I cleaned the stove. I cleaned the refrigerator. I cleaned the sink. I cleaned under the sink. I cleaned the drains. I cleaned the floor. I cleaned the counter. I cleaned the dishwasher. I cleaned the kitchen.
(Note how the repetition of the phrase, "I cleaned...", reflects the repetitive nature of my day's tasks. Also note how you're bored, and yet, somehow, you're slightly satisfied that it's over. I'm sure the literary technique wasn't lost on you.)

Groundhog Day

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today. That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's GROUNDHOG DAY!
The groundhog did not see his shadow today which, according to German folklore, means folks can expect an early spring instead of six more weeks of winter.
On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing. Will we have winter or will we have spring? Since 1886, Phil has seen his shadow 96 times (more winter), has not seen it 15 times (early spring), and there are no records for nine years, according to the info on the www. The last time Phil failed to see his shadow was in 1999.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's coming up

Here is what I am working on:
1.FAQ's about me
2. commentary on season finale of 24