Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Why I Hate Step Classes

I recently went to a step aerobics class and here are 10 thoughts on why I will never go back.

1. It is for coordinated people only. Trying to remember what a grapevine, crossover, revolving door , to the knee etc - too much.
2. You are surrounded by wall to wall mirrors so you get to see exactly how stupid you look. Great for your self esteem.
3. After my heart felt like it was going to quit on me , I just knew class was about over. I look at the clock, we were only going for 6 minutes. . . I felt like crying.
4. All that bouncing and jumping really made my curls go crazy.
5. Eventually I was getting the hang of it and thought I wasn't doing too bad. I look over at the lady next to me to measure my progress. She is going full force and is not even sweating - she was probably 55, smiling and cheering. I'm 29 and was drenched.
6. Speaking of cheering, the teacher would get us to cheer along with her. I just couldn't do it. Too embarrassing. Random whoohees and oh yeah's - no way.
7. The teacher would speed the music up really fast. It really annoyed me especially since I was trying to sing along.
8. Apparently you're not supposed to sing along according to the looks I got.
9. At the end of class, my face was an attractive color of tomato red.
10. . Last reason I will not go back. The next day, could not even walk. Had to roll out of bed.

I think I will stick to the treadmill.

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Kelli said...

That's hilarious! I'm right there with you girl!!