Monday, July 23, 2007

Beach Vacation - Part 1

Sorry for the long break - We have been on vacation for nearly 2 weeks. We went to the beach at South Padre Island. Yes it was totally awesome. But before you start getting too jealous, let me give you a glimpse into the ride down there. You might change your mind.

We had to stop the car 5 times for bathroom breaks. This was all within the first 2 hours of leaving Fort Worth. I quit counting after the 5th time.

67 or more- The number of times we heard, "Are we there yet? What's taking so long? Where are we?"

The long car ride made the kids invent some interesting games. At one point, I heard my sweet #2 child yell, "Mommy, I caught the devil." Um, yeah, Todd and I were speechless too. At this point, we tried to tune into a radio station (our tape deck was broken).

Well, all we could pick up was rap music. Who would have guessed since we were on highway 281, which is total Texas country land. Anyway, we jammed out to "Whoomp there it is." Good times.

We could only handle a rap or two so after that, Todd and I decided we should probably talk to each other. Strengthen our bonds of marriage or whatever. This is how most conversations started.

Conversation #1

Me: "I think I might want to be a body builder."

Todd: "Wow - that's scary!"

Me: "What - Why?"

Todd: "You on Roids - yikes."

Conversation #2

Todd: "Just when you think you've met all the cool people in the world, you meet more cool people."

Me: (I didn't respond, just trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about since we were in the middle of nowhere looking at cows and wheat)

Conversation #3

I notice that the liner on the outside of the windshield started flapping up on the passengers side where I was sitting. We were going 80 mph. Thinking I could be facing death soon I ask Todd,

Me: "Do you think the windshield is going to crash in?"

Todd: "Doesn't matter, we have insurance."

I was only slightly offended.

After all this great bonding we decided to just look out the window. Only 6 hours left.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My run in with the Police

I have 4 kids ages 7,5, 4, & 1 1/2. They are great kids but lately they have been getting into the habit of taking their seat belt buckles off when we are driving around. Not a big deal if you live on a farm or somewhere remote but we live in a major Texas city.

Anyway, it was really driving me crazy having to stop and buckle up the kids and give them the speech "if I got in a wreck, you could die." For some reason, that just doesn't faze them.

So this morning, I visited my local police station. I went inside and asked for a really tough looking police officer. The receptionist gave me a weird look so I quickly explained that I needed him to give my kids a speech. She went to fetch him.

A few moments later, a big copper came and he looked tough! He even had the aviator shades on and everything. It was great. He said, "Mam can I help you?"

Me: " My kids keep taking their buckles off. Can you give them a little speech about how important it is they keep them on?"

Cop: "Am I on a hidden video?"

Me: (now feeling slightly foolish) "Uh no, just me, hahah (nervous laugh)

Cop: "OK. But I am not in the business of scaring kids."

Me: "Can't you scare them just a little?"

Cop: no answer

Me: " Can you also say something about how they need to eat their fruits and vegetables everyday?"

He didn't answer again. I feel like a dork and I know they are silently memorizing my license plate number so they can look me up later.

We then proceed to the car where my kids were waiting for their "surprise." The police man looks in and proceeds to tell them to wear their buckles at all times or their mommy would go to jail.

Needless to say, they were speechless. I was of course holding in my laughter, trying not to snort. It was awesome.

He also told them to eat all their fruits and vegetables so they would be good little kids. They nodded in agreement. Landon, my 4 year old, he was frozen still.

Anyway, worked out great. They kept their buckles on and came home and everybody immediatly asked for an apple.

I highly recommend this little outing.

I'm Humbled

Dear friends,
Todd and I are humbled by all the prayers, encouraging words and meals that we received this past week. You all are the picture of Christ's love. Many blessings to all of you.