Sunday, March 11, 2007

10 Things I Do To Cheer Myself Up

10. Drive around the neighborhood with the windows down yelling random things like, "Whoo Hee," and "Sandi Rocks," (Then drive really fast so they don't recognize me.)

9. Talk in pig latin to Todd until it drives him crazy.

8. Make Crank Calls. You have to use a neighbors house or a pay phone since everyone except us has caller Id now.

7. Read old yearbooks and see how cool I used to be in High school.

6. Sing karaoke to my favorite rock songs. ex: "Welcome to the Jungle" GnR

5. Eat nothing but old Valentine's Candy and drink coffee all day.

4. Take a tennis ball and try to hit it over my neighbor's house without them knowing and without hitting a window.

3. Go to a public place like starbucks or target or the mall and talk in a different accent. My accents of choice are british and ebonics.

2. Watch reruns of Magnum P.I. ( love this show)

1. Learn the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite and perform it for family, friends, neighbor or just about anyone who will watch. The trick is to act like you are totally serious and trying out for star search.


Kelli said...

I would love to hear your ebonics dog!

Angie said...

can't say how glad I am that you are my friend!

Eric Colquett said...

I love it! Though I think its "Prank" calls not "Crank" calls. Next time I see you you have to only talk in Ebonics!

Kelley said...

Your post reminded me of something my mother used to do when I was a teen. Drive around, wind down her window and yell 'Go home and change you look terrible'. Unfortunately it wasn't for entertainment, she thought she was doing a community service......
Now I inflict my own brand of crazy on my teens.... THAT cheers me up!