Sunday, June 15, 2008

Issues in the Walker House

So we are getting ready for church today and I notice Todd putting stuff in a little, black backpack that I had in the goodwill box. He is so excited to have something to store all his stuff in. I ask what stuff he is looking to store, kind of dreading where I know this conversation is headed. "Oh you know, my glasses, sunglasses, wallet, money clip, cellphone, bible and pen."
I ask him if he seriously considering using this back pack. He says of course.

Now, no offense to people who actually wear backpacks to carry their junk around. I am sure you are really nice and cool. Your back pack is probably really nice and cool as well.

Todd's backpack is really small and is probably made for a 3 year old. He is 35.

I go off to finish getting one of my 5 kids ready and the next thing I know I see Todd walking around with the backpack on.

"Are you actually wearing that to CHURCH!" I asked him. I am mortified. Todd is not the type of person to be wearing the midget backpack. He is a big musclely man who played division 1 football and is very manly, has manly chesthair, and sometimes doesn't wear deodorant. You get the picture. It was totally freaking me out.

You probably think I am shallow. Well, that's exactly what Todd said. I then told him if he is going to wear it in public not to walk near me.

Well, we had words. . . I called him a dork, he called me immature . . . it was lovely.
Here is a picture. Should we bring back the manpack?

I'm Back

Well Hello Friends!
After a six month sabbatical, I have decided to get back to blogging. Here are a few things that have been swimming in my head lately that I am going to share with you.
1. My Pregnancy Woes
2. Todd's ridiculous man backpack
3. Homeschooling myths proven wrong

Thanks for sticking with me. Even though the only person who may be reading this is Heather who told me she is chaining herself to her laptop till I post again.