Monday, November 12, 2007

My Hair of Death

Some of you know my husband Todd and what kind of guy he is. He says exactly what he means. He does not sugar coat things. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Yesterday morning we were driving to church and he says, "WHAT is that smell?"

Me: "My perfume?"
Todd: "No, did you use some new conditioner or something?"
Me: "Nope - same stuff. Maybe you aren't really smelling anything."
Todd: "What's in your hair? It smells like death."
Me: "DEATH!?"
Todd: "Yeah - what is in your hair?"

At this point, I start freaking out. Who wants to smell like death?
I don't smell anything. He reminds me that out of my 5 senses, I can't smell worth a darn. He asks me again, "Really Sandi, what is in your hair?"
I tell him I did use some new hair gel and he proceeded to tell me to burn it when I get home.

Now you may be wondering what kind of hair gel it is. It is actually a really expensive kind that someone gave me from the Aveda salon. The stuff smells really natural or as Todd describes it, like death, whatever.

So at this point, I am a little self conscious arriving at church, you know, smelling like walking death and all. I am wondering how far a perimeter I should keep from people so they don't smell my hair of death.

I arrive and decide not to hug anyone and just say hi from a distance. Todd comes up after a while and says, "So has anyone said anything about your smell yet?"

Isn't he lovely.

After we finish teaching the kiddos, Todd and I head to worship. When it is time to great the people around us, I turn around and say "Hi, I'm Sandi." And this new girl says, "You have the most beautiful hair."

I of course want to check her and see if she is suffering from a high fever or something that causes you to be delirious. But of course I respond eloquently and laugh and say it looks like a birds nest.

On the way home, I told Todd what she said. He said she must have a cold or something not to smell it.

So to everyone I inflicted with the smell of death yesterday - very sorry.

I did get my revenge on Todd last night and will tell you about it another time. Good stuff.