Sunday, January 11, 2009

Honest Award

Ok so my sweet friend Holly gave me this award back on December 12th, yes a month ago and I am just now getting to it. (By the way, checkout Holly's blog! It is great but I do not know how to link you there or whatever it is called. So do it the old school way and cut and paste.
With this award, you post 10 honest things about yourself. So here we go.

1. I love all infomercials. Every kind, especially the ones where they are selling music cds because I feel the need to sing every song, very loudly, without anyone interrupting. I seriously could watch infomercials for hours and hours and want to order every item.

2. I have a fear of barf. Actually, fear is not a good word, maybe, psycho, neurotic or freak is better. I totally lose it when it comes to Frab (barf backwards). I even locked my sweet daughter in the backyard when she was sick and spoke to her through a cracked window.

3. Everyday I practice dance moves. Hard core practice, like breaking a sweet. I record videos on VH1 and learn them in slow motion. Of course, you probably won't see me dance unless you are my kids or my neighbors who saw me through the windows, or you come over for a karaoke party.

4. I have been told that I laugh really loud and maybe at the wrong times. One friend even described it as a cackle. If I hold it in, I will start snorting.

5. Sometimes I randomly speak in a different accent in public just to embarrass the kids or Todd.

6. Speaking of Todd, I like to hide and scare him. He thinks it is stupid.

7. I often follow people home, strangers, friends, whomever . . .

8. I hate being inside. I love to be outside all day.

9. I am surrounded by kids and I am slowly going crazy. Sometimes I want to scream but it only comes out as a yawn.

10. I think if Jack Bauer was real and he met me, I would be the new Chloe.

That's all. . . Boy I am a weirdo. Now I tag, Lisa, April and Erica.


Jenn said...

Hey, Sandi! I am glad that I found your blog. I am so addicted to reading people's blogs...and I love to post Clayton updates on our for our fam...I enjoyed reading a few of your posts! Hope you all are doing well!

Holly Floyd Peterson said...

LOL!!! Ok...this may sound creepy...but I love following people home too!!! So weird, I know! I love seeing where random people live, what their house is like, then imagine what their life might be like... (I'm not crazy, I promise....haha!!!)

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Okay...too funny. Now I really want to come to your karaoke parties so I can see you sing and dance! Too fun! We need to get together...I miss chatting with you...hope to see you soon!
Kim S.

Lisa Cowen said...

Too funny! As I said on your Wall in FB...I plan on frab-bing, or pretending to frab on you very afraid....

leah montes said...

you follow people home, and you too holly? i have never heard of that before.

Anonymous said...

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