Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I met a gangster. It was awesome

So Friday night I had to go to Walmart to buy some diapers for Bella. If any of you ever dare to go to Walmart on a Friday or Saturday night, you know exactly what kind of crowd is there. Let's just say they aren't your typical stay at home mom types. . . enough said.

As I was standing in line thinking how lame I am to be here on a Friday night, I look at the dude in front of me. He was probably about 18 years old and looked like a gangster. This guy was pretty rough looking, not someone I typically hang out with. But I was thinking "cool", "a real life gangster here in suburnanville." I was hoping he would call some friends so I could hear what was going down on a Friday night.

Anyway, moving on. If you know me, I will talk to anybody and I decided to talk to this guy. He had one foot that was wrapped up in a ton of gauze and I decided to ask what happened. You know, just making polite conversation in checkout line 8.

Me: "Hey Man, what happened to your foot?"
Thug: "I went to the hood last week and this Blood came and shot my foot."
Not quite what I was expecting. . . .It was way better!!
Me: "Ouch, did you loose a toe or two?"
Thug: "Naw, you know when you get shot sometimes. . ."
Me: " Sorry, hasn't happened yet."
Thug: " Yeah, well sometimes when you get shot it just goes like that."
He then proceeded to show me how the bullet brushed over the top of his foot. He used lots of arm motions and was talking loud. I am quite sure everyone heard.

Interesting conversation. I liked it.

He checked out and I told him to avoid those Bloods this weekend. He started laughing and walked off. It was great.


martha said...

Now THAT is a story!!! You get the dope cool award this week. I am so jealous!

Jessica B said...

That is something that would only happen to you!

keeprunnin said...

Okay, again I laugh out loud. I was just saying, my Blog is getting way too serious. I really need to lighten up the story telling. Thanks for keepin'it real,you know what I'm sayin'?

Marc and Charity said...

you are so funny. and brave.

Tinsie said...

I'm jealous!! My only claim to fame is that I got chatted up by two dodgy-looking guys on the bus, who claimed to be from Afganistan. No gunshot wounds that I could see though. Bah!

Steve, Tracy & Wesley said...

Hey Sandi...you are a hoot! Thanks for commenting on our blog! I'll be a Confessions of a Suburban Diva reader now!

Diesel said...

Wow. I don't run into many Bloods in my area.

Happy Inappropriate Card Day!

feslerfamily said...

Hey--how are you doing? Thanks for the comment! Send me an email b/c I lost yours:
kimfesdds at sbcglobal dot net

Steve, Tracy & Wesley said...

Hey Sandi. I just tagged you on my blog to fill out this "meme" whatever that means! Check my blog for more info. Hope you are doing well!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

What a great story! I have been watching for follow-up stories or new posts ever since. You are a great writer.

Beth G. said...

Thanks for the advice! I have missed your funny postings!!!!

Angie said...

the title alone is gold. love you friend!