Thursday, October 18, 2007

You So Wish You Were Me

Let me give you a little run down of a day last week.

1am - 3am - neighbor's giant dog barks non stop, right outside my window. I am having violent thoughts in my head that involve Todd's shotgun.

3:30am - Daughter #2 comes to bed because she is scared. I have only been asleep for 1/2 hour so this was a wonderful blessing. She then proceeds to take my pillow and kick me until morning.

4:30 am - 4 year old son comes to my room and tells me he is so thirsty and do I want him to die or something because I didn't immediately jump up serve him.

7:30 am - Son who was dying of thirst barfs everywhere. If you know me, I am slightly neurotic about vomit.

7:31 1/2 am - yell for son to run to bathroom and stay there. secretly hoping he would want to stay there all day.

7:32 am - go out front to get some fresh air, pray to God while pacing around the front porch like a crazy person.

7:33 am - wave to neighbors, they wave back.

8:15 am - son barfs again. It has been a great morning so far.

8:30 am - discovered Bella (almost 2) has been doing a little body art and colored her entire body with a red sharpie.

10 am - Bella has a massive blowout.

10:01 - I discover I am out of diapers and wipes.

10:02 am - I want to cry.

11:30 am - Lunch - no one wants to eat the wonderful lunch I made. They all ate cheerios.

12 noon - my son who was sick, thought it would be really funny to pretend to barf just to freak me out.

12:30 pm - call a friend and ask them if it really is that bad to discipline out of anger.

1:00 pm - daughter #1 takes the dog's temperature. He then runs out the front door.

1:01 pm - 1:20 - I am chasing our obedient wienie dog around the neighbor hood, barefoot. I am contemplating letting him go on a little vacation.

1:30 pm - my attempt at nap time. Not too successful.

3:00 pm - someone squirted toothpaste all over the bathroom. No one would fess up.

5:00 pm - Todd came home.

5:01 pm - I left to regain my sanity.


Martha is not my actual name said...

The reason I love to read your blog is because it resembles my life so much that it keeps me from going insane or feeling like a crazy madwoman,just knowing someone else out there is experiencing the same joyful insanity. Except I don't have a barf phobia. That just adds to the humor.
Where did you go at 5:01?

David and Bethany Rinn said...

I love your stories....they make me laugh so hard! ;)

Jenny said...

Ew, yuck. Sorry abou the barf.

The Peterson Family said...

Yuck, Sandi...I'm so sorry, my friend! I have to confess that I feel bad for laughing so hard at your blog when you're having such a bad day...=)

Marc and Charity said...

Sandi, I had no idea you had a blog and I'm cracking up as I'm readin this!!!! I'll get back to you about the immunizations, have to check my list!