Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Second Career

A few weeks ago, Todd told me to sign a form. I asked what it was. He said, if you sign this, then when I die you will get some $. "Alright! Awesome," I said. Then quickly apologized for my enthusiastic response.
Here is a snippet of the conversation that followed,

Me: "So, will I be set for life?"
Todd : "Not quite."
Me: "Enough to live in Hawaii and surf and collect shells all day. Mourning your loss of course."
Todd: "So thankful for your compassion, but if I die soon, you might have to get a job since you are only 30 and we have 4 little kids and college to think of."
Me: " I could always live with my dad."
Todd: "He said no. Your best bet, would be to get married again."
Me: "WHAT! I could totally support my kids. I bet I could even make more than you!"
Todd: "I don't really see that happening."
Me: "There are millions of things I could do."
Todd: "Like what?"

Well, that got me thinking. The marriage thing would definitely be out because lets face it, who wants to marry a person with FOUR kids and is kind of crazy. Besides, the only man I could attract would be my 60 year old neighbor from Thailand who has a major case of halitosis (bad breath). Todd is my one and only for life, so that took me back to the career thing. . . what would I do . . . here is what I came up with - Things that I would love to do.

1. Be a drummer in a band. I totally could rock the stage and I would be performing when the kids where sleeping. Perfect.
2. Spa tester. Not even sure this exists, but I would go around the world and test out spa's and give them reviews of their service.
3. Go live with the Amish.
3. Get my own cable TV show. This is my personal favorite. I could interview all my friends. Awesome!

Well, the list ends there. So I just told Todd, "Don't die babe."
He said, "Maybe I should take some insurance out on you."


Jan said...

I am so glad you are back!

I can totally see you being a drummer in a band! You would rock the house!

Jenny said...

Spa tester...love that.

BLG said...

If you find something out about that Spa Testing job, let me know! :) Hehe... I am with you, I can't imagine being married to anyone other than TJ! Hope yall are doing well!

Max said...

So I noticed that there were two number threes listed. My suggestion? Combine them: a cable show where you go and live with the Amish.

The only thing is that you'll have to find TV equipment that doesn't use use electricity. And that doesn't actually record anything (no graven images). Oh, and prepare to be shunned.

The Amish are nice people though. No offense to any who might be reading this.